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Last updated: 8 Aug, 2016

Manufacturing outlets:

* Mitchell - Canberra (ACT)

* Kilsyth - Victoria (VIC)

* Warrnambool - Victoria (VIC)

* Noosaville - Queensland (QLD)

For Sales inquiries, production issues, shipment details and special product quotations click on:
or ring Rod Tyson (Production Manager) on::
Ph.: Toll-free 1300 876 778 (business hours)
Fax: 02 6241 8068

This web site has been created to provide the Trade Professionals and the DIY market with truly customised cabinetry, in the shortest possible time.
It has not been designed to teach the art of Cabinet Making nor to offer a dedicated “how to” help desk when it comes to Design and working out the cabinet sizes that are needed. The objective is rather to supply the Cabinet Making Industry with the quality products that they need to get the job done, at the lowest possibly cost.

We have however, provided a few relevant Links to web pages that detail kitchen design hints, materials and cost alternatives - in particular see Aneka Kitchens and other links as detailed in the home page

Our dedicated product support staff can be contacted on: support@cabinets-online.com.au and will be pleased to help you, but they are primarily responsible for answering on-line ordering questions, general transport logistics and web based product offerings.

At this stage we do not offer a Design service to to assist you with drawing your design up, detail design and technical questions as that will lead to an increase in pricing to cover the, often extensive, overheads.

It is expected that anyone buying products from this site has already a good understanding of basic Cabinet Making principles and methodology. Our aim at Cabinets on-Demand is to supply a completely customised flat-pack cabinet that is easy to assemble - but you have to select from the products on offer. At this stage we cannot continue to design and program different configurations.

You will be provided with some documentation about each cabinet, but because of the unique nature of what we offer, it will not be a step-by-step guide to assembly.

It is expected that the assembler of the flat-pack cabinetry will have their own basic Cabinet Making tools (drill, battery drill, hammer, etc). It is the users responsibility to ensure that the cabinet is correctly installed & levelled (fixed into position on-site) and to fix a cabinet to the wall. It is up to the end user to supply the necessary fittings and hardware required to do so.

All the cabinets from Cabinets on-Demand will come with the necessary screws and cams to assemble the cabinet, but not fix it to the wall.

The cabinet parts are all labelled in a logical order to assist in assembly, please take your time setting (laying out) the cabinet parts before starting to screw them together. This simple step may save you a lot of time later.

Each part has a label with a cabinet number on it. The cabinet number corresponds to the line number of the order that you placed. Once you have assembled a few flat-pack cabinets, you will find it is very easy and fast.

If you don't have the necessary skills to complete the job unassisted, then (depending on location)- we may be able to recommend an experienced cabinet installer that could assist you, but any costs negotiation will be between you and him.

The Cabinets on-Demand on-Line - process

How to purchase Custom built flat pack kitchens and cabinetry on-line from our networked factory direct on-demand manufacturing in ACT, VIC, WA and SA for delivery to DIY installers and the kitchen renovation Trade.


Customer tasks:

    1. Select a Product from one of the Category ranges
         and supply your specific dimensions.
    2. Add the Product(s) selected to the Shopping List
    3. Click on "Check Shopping List" to validate your input data 
    4. Proceed to "Checkout" and supply Payment and
        Delivery details
    5. Confirm the Request for Quotation details.

Cabinets on-Demand on-Line tasks

    1. Your Order entry is checked on-line as much as possible -
      after submission your details are confirmed immediately
      by sending an automatic "Receipt".
    2. Your selected Product(s) and parameters are retrieved
             and validated for consistency.
    3. Requested modifications or specials are checked by
             our production staff.
    4. Payment and Delivery details are checked and validated. 
    5. The machining instructions are compiled and scheduled for a
             production center close to you.
    6. Acceptance and delivery schedules are confirmed by e-mail.
    7. When production, packing and shipping is completed
            you will be notified by e-mail.
Task Details
  1. Selecting Products

Select from the Product Categories  list at the left hand side of the page and open up the choices. Read the details for each category and then select from the Height, Width and Depth ranges presented.
Then select a product option and either accept or modify the appropriate Dimensions and parameter values.

When satisfied, 'click' on the Add to Cart icon. The Product specification is then added to the Shopping Cart.
All the"Cart's" Product details are then shown for your inspection and a total cost is calculated each time you add a product.

Click the little "BACK" button to add more products, or the "REMOVE" button on a Product Specification to 'return' a Product.
Ensure to also select a Delivery 'product' before proceeding the "CHECKOUT" 

    2. Proceed to Checkout.

When your selections are completed, 'click' the "PROCEED TO CHECKOUT" button.

Here you will be prompted for both Billing and Delivery Address details. All marked fields must be filled in!

When you 'click' CONTINUE all the Order details thus far are listed for Confirmation.
At this stage you can change the QTY value for each product and 'click' UPDATE, or REMOVE the Product. Also you can add additional COMMENTS.

When next you 'click' CONTINUE you are connected to a secure Link and prompted for Payment Details (Credit Card, Direct Transfer, Cheque details, Account code etc. ALL via a secure link). Now specify the Payment details.

NOTE. A Direct Deposit is advised, you are then not expected to provide any private details or pay for the products. After checking Cabinets on-Demand will contact you for a Deposit and give you our Bank Account number for a Direct Transfer.
Alternatively, if you want to pay by Credit Card then supply the customary details - no charge will be lodged against your Credit Card untill all details have been confirmed.

When you 'click' CONTINUE after this then the Order Confirmation screen is displayed, including the ORDER NUMBER then you can print the details for your records or await the Order Receipt e-mail that will be sent from the system automatically. Cabinets on-Demand will then follow up later with any comments after the Order is checked for consistency.

If you want to submit a part order first then please state this in the final "Comments" field and we will combine the multiple Orders into one final Confirmation order.

           NOTE: You can abandon the process at any stage using the "Back" button on your Browser screen.

You can submit a Payment Option "Direct Deposits", this can be used as a "training facility", that is used to invoke the whole process, except for actual manufacturing and/or money transfer. Cabinets on-Demand staff will validate and check the Order, advice you of any inconsistencies and then ask you for a correction or to transfer a deposit amount. You are free to ignore these messages and no liabilities are incurred by either party.

Your Order is then validated, payment is checked, schedules are produced and delivery and shipping requirements ascertained. If any modifications to the standard products were requested than these will be evaluated and additional costings, if any calculated and negotiated.  A confirmation of expected shipping dates will be emailed.

After production but before shipping you will be notified by e-mail to ensure that delivery by our Couriers can be completed.

    3. Cabinets On Demand on-Line(TM)

The Cabinet production data received from this Web site is validated and checked by our own in-house automated software and then send to the closest manufacturer to be automatically converted into machine code for their CAM systems. Our automated software ensures optimal use of materials, CNC equipment and eliminates transcription errors and omissions.

Administrative details are checked through clerical means aided by CRM software to check financial data, create records, shipping Labels, production schedules and management reports.

Validation & Payments

The View Cart button will show your Shopping Cart items (the first time you ADD a Product to the "Shopping cart" may take 10 seconds depending on your Internet speed, and 1-2 seconds for the next products).

After completing your order details (and some last minute Editing) then use the "Check-out" pages " to Enter Name & Address details and Payment options, viz. Credit Card, Cheque, Direct Transfer etc.

YOU NEED NOT make Payments now, just enter the Direct Payment as an option - Full or progress payments will be requested after Order validation. You can of course enter your Credit Card details now, as it is a safe process but we will not charge anything until the Validation Process is completed and you have agreed to us charging you a Deposit.


Have a go Try all the complete process.
You can exercise all the various combinations and  delivery options without causing any data to be transmitted until you press the final "Order Confirmation Submit" button. If you like to try the complete process, including "Order Submit", Order Validation and e-mail(s) for Notification/Acceptance etc. then submit your Order whilst 'ticking' the "Direct Deposits" payment option.
This will allow us to check your details and provide feedback without the manufacturing process being started (and without financial commitments by either party).

NOTE: The first time you "Checkout" your Order selections it may take some 10 - 30 seconds before you have a response from the "Shopping Cart" process - but any other operations are quite fast.

Service administration is a centralised function where all the data from across Australia is sent for automatic processing and error checking. For example verifying that the specified dimensions fit within the Product/Price range. Discrepencies will be notified and corrected via e-mail. Then the data is formatted for production processing and passed to one of the manufacturing plants closest to your location.



  • When you register email and address information for the Purchasing of products or other services offered on the Cabinets on-Demand (TM) Website then the information we collect may be combined with product order information obtained from our system provided through our site.
  • Like all "Shopping Cart" operations we do use a "cookie" to keep track of your interactions with our product order pages - the cookie is stored on your PC for up to 14-days after last data entry to facilitate order completion and is then automatically deleted. This cookie is not shared with any other operations and is unique to your PC. Any personal or private data to facilitate delivery and payments will only be required when you are asked to SUBMIT your data, that is then sent over a secure connection (by the "Ezimerchant service" operated by One-Technology) - to our production system database in Canberra.
    If desired you can delete the stored cookie yourself by looking for the cookies directory (IE - or cookies.txt or cookies.jar for other Browsers) under 'Your Signon name' in your "Documents and Settings" folder on the "C: Drive".
  • Personal data such as Name and Address information is not stored in any "cookies, but only sent to our core database system operated by CDAS in Canberra for use by Cabinets-on-Demand manufacturing services. The dta transmission is a secure operations by the "Ezimerchant System" operated by "One Technology" - an ISP company specialising in providing e-commerce operations for a great number of small to medium-sized organisations. Their Security Certification can be checked by clicking on the "secure LOCK" icon on the status bar when an Order is submitted.
  • We use the information we collect to provide the services you have explicitly requested.
  • We may use your eMail address to send you updates on new services once or twice per annum .
  • If any newsletter type information is sent by Cabinets on-Demand to you then it will contain appropriate information to allow you to unsubscribe from any further such communications.
  • We will not share your information with a third party or allow it to send you direct communications about its products without your consent.
  • In order to help provide our services, we occasionally provide information to other companies who work on our behalf- for example when they supply some or all of your order components directly to your designated delivery address.


About Us

Cabinets on-Demand On-Line is a Registered Trade mark and a Trading Name for a division of Customised Design and Administrative Services Pty Ltd (CDAS) incorporated in the A.C.T, Australia.

Business Details:
CDAS Pty Ltd
ABN: 15 098 620 163
CEOs: Henk Thijssens
Support and Enquiries: E-mail: sales@cabinets-online.com.au or Aneka Kitchens - Ph: 02 6241 7778
Registered Office: 3/5 Tooth Street, Mitchell, ACT 2911.
A.C.T Showroom: 1/5 Tooth Street, Mitchell, ACT 2911.
Phone: (02) 6241 7778 *for an appointment
Fax: (02) 6241 8068

Cabinets-onDemand-onLine is a network of high quality flat pack kitchens & custom sized kit set cabinets producers.
For locations of the various Cabinet making factories see: Manufacturing Outlets below.

CDAS specialises in CAD/CAM application development for the Cabinet Industry. Our business - operating since late 2004 is to deliver quality custom built Flat Pack Cabinetry for the D.I.Y Home renovator market as well as the Trade professionals Australia wide. We supply fully configured customised kitset cabinets, carcass only units or just panels cut to your specifications. Our personnel include staff with over 20 years practical ‘hands-on’ experience in Kitchen Joinery Trade and and others with over 30 years experience in IT systems analysis, design, implementation and administration in Australia.

The Cabinets on-Demand on-Line service was established after discussions with local and interstate Joinery manufacturers about the need to be able to supply truly customised cabinetry, in short productions runs very quickly. The recent investment in the research & development into this area by Rod Tyson, the owner of "Aneka Kitchens" in the ACT indicated that what was suggested was actually achievable. With the help of a few of the interested parties that were already engaged in NC systems installations, the information gathered provided the final parts of the puzzle to enhance the CAD/CAM driven manufacturing methodology that was originally only aimed at large scale production cycles, due to its high programming costs.

We then set about writing our own Australian software specifically designed for customised cabinetry in short production runs. We also worked closely with another software manufacturer, LearCom of Australia, to design a complete manufacturing system that not only produced the parts, but included the whole manufacturing cycle. With our own software being post-processed by QuickCAM & CADCode (supplied by LearCom) we were able to write one-off, disposable NC programs that controlled CNC factory equipment from large beam saws, and point-to-point machines, to nested routers and automated CNC panel saws in literally seconds. Assuming that this type of semi-automated system and hardware installations required would be out of scope for the smaller Cabinetry manufacturers and Kitchen installers for many years to come, it was soon apparent to CDAS and associates that there may be a market for supply of customised flat-pack cabinets -provided these cabinets could be produced on-demand, to unique dimensions, and very quickly & economically.

On the understanding that such a service will meet market demand we decided to develop a centralised administrative system to interface with the prospective customers. We set about setting in place factories across Australia that could take the data generated from the web site and have the job seamlessly slot into the next production cycle in anyone of these factories, via e-mail. The idea behind the multiple factories is to keep the cabinets freight costs to a minimum, thus ensuring that we can produce a competitively priced, fully customised product to nearly every corner of Australia.

In 2005 we received a grant from the ACT Government to assist with the development of our business concept and the Web site "www.cabinetsondemand.com.au" was designed to publicise and support the proposed service to collect individual cabinet specifications, delivery and payment details.

Our strength:

We are now able to collect client cabinet requirements and using highly automated methods to translate and import this data into our computer systems to drive the Numerical Controlled equipment to cut, drill and edge band the desired cabinet components with a minimum of man-power and time - thus able to providea fast and very economical service to our client base. All cabinets are designed and produced to specific requirements for individual customers.

Our Website makes it easy to select fixed price cabinets from five different Styles (Material & Finish) and nine different popular colours, with up to five different Face Designs and Profiles for Doors and Panels - a range that is not matched anywhere.


Manufacturing Outlets


* Mitchell - Canberra (ACT)

* Kilsyth - Victoria (VIC)

* Warrnambool - Victoria (VIC)

* Noosaville - Queensland (QLD)

Last updated 8 Aug, 2016

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