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Frequent Answered Questions (FAQ)

First some DEFINITIONS that apply when specifying your Kit Form cabinets using the "YOUR DIMENSIONS" prompt box.

Height = Box Height Only (this does not include height of the Kickboard or the thickness of the bench top).

Example: If a 900mm High Over-all Bench height is desired:
900mm – Bench Top thickness (E.G.: 34mm) – Kickboard Height (E.G.: 146mm) = Cabinet Height 720mm.

Width = Outside Width of the Carcase (Cabinet) - excluding any Coloured Panels that may be required to be screwed on later."

Depth = Outside Depth of Floor Cabinets including Door (Except when ordering Carcass-only).

  1. Note that Doors vary in thickness from 16mm for Laminate finish, to 18mm for Vinyl Wrap or Painted finish - also 1 or 2 mm space may be required between door and carcass.
  2. The system will work out the actual carcass depth from the overall SIZE as specified by you.
  3. If you are concerned if a Plate or Container will fit inside then deduct 16mm (for backwall) + Door thickness + 2mm from the Depth specified to arrive at Internal Depth.

Shelves = is to indicate Fixed or Adjustable shelving.

  • Extra Shelf(s) Required =" optionally you can ask for additional shelves over the standard (in this case 1x Shelf). The cost per extra shelf s shown above.

Door Hang = Select Right, Left or None as required.

"Special Requests" can be used to: (for example) state you preferred Door Gap measure

  • e.g. 1mm (in place of our standard 1.5mm); or any other need e.g. 'No shelf holes to be drilled'.

1. What are Made-to-measure Kit form Flat Pack Cabinets?
2. Will Custom Kit form cabinetry fit into my kitchen space?
3. How much does a Custom Kit form kitchen cost?
4. How do Custom Kit form cabinets compare to custom built cabinets from your local supplier?
5. Do you custom make your cabinetry -If so, why?
6. Can I have some help with the kitchen design?
7. I'm not much of a handyperson so how hard is the assembly and installation?
8. What is the maximum height of custom Kit form cabinetry?
9. What is the 'standard' height of custom Kit form cabinetry?
10. Do you have corner wall cabinets as part of your range?
11. Do you have Wall Fridge Cabinets and what sizes do they come in?
12. The Cabinet I want is not available on your Website -What do I do?

13. Can you provide a quote from my detailed Kitchen design drawing?


1. What are Made-to-measure Kit form Flat Pack Cabinets?

Quite simply, these are custom made cabinets to your dimensions! They are available in a Flat-pack form for easy and cost effective transport, pre-machined and ready to assemble. Some of our compelling features include top quality cabinet construction, hardware, doors, panels, handles and bench tops in a great range of colours and styles (catering for most cabinetry requirements in Australia today). Our products are available throughout our network of Cabinets on-Demand Australian professional (& reputable) Cabinet making business’s -to minimise transport costs to you and to also spreading the work load -keeping manufacturing times as fast as possible. Flat pack cabinets are becoming increasingly popular and now with the added benefit of being able to custom size them (to your requirements), demand for flat packs have never been higher.

2. Will a Custom Kit form kitchen fit into my kitchen?

Yes! With our system, this not a problem. Our Custom Kit form system is totally customisable in height, width and depth (full 3 dimensional adjustment) to fit all kitchen types. Not only that, but our system has the added customised ability should you need things like extra shelves or special requests. No one can match our customised cabinets for choice, value, quality and flexibility.

3. How much does a Custom Kit form kitchen cost?

Not as much as retail! Our Custom Kit form cabinets are a fraction of the cost that you would normally expect to pay if you were going through a normal manufacturer; however our quality is first class. The price saving is largely due to the flat pack form (modular nature) of the Custom Kit form cabinets, utilising the latest in automated processor’s and technologies and having the assemble and installation done by yourself. Best of all is that you can price your cabinetry requirements when ever you like, as the cabinets that are listed on the web site come completely priced –Inc GST, so obtaining quotes of different materials/cabinet combinations is fast, easy and available 24/7!

4. How do Custom Kit form cabinets compare to custom built cabinets from your local supplier?

This would depend totally upon your local supplier and their expertise, knowledge, machinery that they have and the hardware that they use. It can be a hit-and-miss exercise and the saying ‘buyer beware’ is very true. With Cabinets On Demand, we only utilise experienced, reputable and quality cabinet makers –from across Australia. They must have their systems in place, be in business for at least 5 years and utilise the latest in machinery and software -to ensure that they can deliver a quality product, in the shortest possible timeframe, time and time again. The materials and workmanship have to be second to none and the cabinetry construction and hardware be of excellent quality. All cabinets are solid backed which ensures no lateral movement. Given the solid back you can use any part of the cabinet to fix it to the wall (compare this to other Custom Kit form offerings that have very thin backwall panels). With Cabinets On Demand you can be assured that you are dealing with on the best, quality manufactures –no matter where you are in Australia.

5. Do you custom make your cabinetry –If so, why?
Yes, we custom make every cabinet to order. Rather than spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in tied-up stock and extra storage costs associated with this method, we have found it more economical to run-to-order our jobs. The reason why this has proven to be so successful for us, is because of the software that we have developed and the fact that we utilise many factory outlets across Australia to spread the load and speed up the process –So depending on where you are, we will source the closest factory to you to manufacture your order and email your job to them in the shortest possible time. So, we can not only quickly process your order, optimise it and have the CNC machine code done in a fraction of the time that it used to take, but by spreading the work load over many factories (rather than bottle-necking just the one), our costs are lower and our manufacturing times are faster. But best of all is that once this has been done, often we find that the factories are able to ‘slot’ in these jobs in-between their ‘normal’ work reducing overheads and slack time. All this means that you get the savings.

6. Can I have some help with the kitchen design?

Our Production staff can provide some handy ideas/tips but essentially our system is about DIY. Whilst we would love to help everyone, we often find that our time is taken up with actual production, so we recommend that you either contact a design professional (really, for the price they charge their costs are very cheap for the advice/expertise and quality design that you receive), or utilise our References, Installation Manual, products on offer on our site and Assembly Guide for help –This should assist you in your design. Best of all is that the design process is made so much easier, now that you can custom size your cabinetry requirements –No more ‘trying’ to fit a pre-modularised cabinet in a space that doesn’t fit!

7. I'm not much of a handyperson so how hard is the assembly and installation?

What we have found is that people from all walks of life utilise our services. From Trade Professionals, home renovators, weekend warriors, computer IT people, painters, sales people, office workers, retail assistants and home managers –really, it’s that varied. Our goal has always been to provide a quality product, at the lowest possible price, which can be assembled and installed as easy as possible. We are constantly looking into ways to simplify the process and we feel that we offer the best over-all package on the market, from design flexibility to assembly to final installation. Our Custom Kit form kitchens have been successfully assembled and installed by people with very little (or no) installation knowledge. However, should you feel that the job is beyond you, you can enlist the assistance of a professional installer (these can be sourced in your local area). Even in this case you will still be saving money….

8. What is the maximum height of custom Kit form cabinetry?

The maximum height of our Custom Kit form cabinetry is a huge 2350mm, added to say a 150mm kickboard, can reach a staggering 2500mm. However, we recommend that you choose a height to fit below your ceiling, as trying to have the cabinetry go right up to the ceiling can cause you many ‘unforseen’ problems… In this case we suggest installing a headboard (or bulkhead) between the top of the cabinetry and the underside of you ceiling of about 100mm min to avoid lights, sagging ceilings, etc.

9. What is the 'standard' height of custom Kit form cabinetry?

A typical bench top height is between 900 to 950mm -This is made up of the bench top thickness (say 34mm) the base cabinet height (say 750mm) and the left over is the kick height (say 120 to 166mm) to achieve the final desired height. In saying that, you can order your base cabinets 760mm if you wish, it just puts you in a slightly higher price bracket, but it's no problem for us to manufacture this. Most customers opt for the biggest height in the 750mm range (I.e: 750mm), as the smaller this cabinet is, the bigger the kickboard needs to be to achieve the final desired height and hey, the kickboard is just wasted space isn't it. The normal overall kitchen height of the kitchens that we do is 2250mm high -this leaves around about 150mm for the headboard to finish to a 2400mm standard ceiling height. So to order a pantry to suit a 2250mm overall kitchen height, your pantry height would be 2250 - kickboard height (say 150mm) = 2100mm pantry 'ordered' height. The upper (wall) cabinets are typically 450 / 600 / 650mm above the bench top. The 600 and 650mm measurements are typically what you need to position an inbuilt rangehood above a cook top (typically 600mm for Electric & 650mm for Gas cook top -However this may vary from state to state). Most of the cabinets that we do have the upper wall cabinets placed at 600mm above the bench top, so taking the example of a 2250mm high kitchen, minus a 900mm bench top height minus a 600mm splashback height, would leave you with a 750mm upper cabinet (making it the same height as a 750 base cabinet). A fridge cabinet is just an upper wall cabinet, so again using the 2250mm cabinet height as an example, you would take off the fridge opening height (say 1810mm) which would leave you with a 440mm fridge cabinet. Again, we can make to what ever height you need, so in the end it's up to you to what you specify.

10. Do you have corner floor and wall cabinets as part of your range?

Yes, we offer wall corner cabinets as part of our normal order range: Floor Cabinets, Wall cabinets and Pantries. Not just in 90 Degree configurations but also for 135 Degree angles, again all available as custom sized (and not just one or 2 pre-set sizes!).

11. Do you have Wall Fridge Cabinets and what sizes do they come in?

Fridge cabinets are really just ‘normal’ wall cabinets. These are typically mounted off the rear wall (a clear space of about 150mm) and are screw fixed to panels on either side to support the cabinet. The panels on either side can be a either full length panels or they could be tall cabinets (such as a Pantry or/and a Wall Oven cabinet) or a combination of a tall panel and a Wall Oven Cabinet for example. The width of the cabinet is typically either 800 or 850mm (or say 50mm wider than your fridge, should you want a customised Fridge cabinet). We can make Fridge (wall) cabinets any size, so a custom size is not a problem.

12. The Cabinet I want is not available on your Website -What do I do?

If the website doesn't have exactly what you need, pick a product that 'closest' matches the type of cabinet you need & size range you need (Height, Width & Depth) THEN make your custom notes in the 'Special requests' section of that product. For Example: If you wanted drawers 920mm long and the longest drawers on the website was up to 900mm long, then select the drawers that are up to 900mm long, enter 900mm in the length box and then in the 'Special requests' section of the product type in: "Price for 920mm Long drawers" and we will get back to you with a price. Anything that comes up in the 'Special requests' section is carefully looked at by the Production Manager to see if we can do it and if there is any price difference. This is the easiest, quickest and simplest way of getting the cabinet that you need.

13. Can you provide a quote from my detailed Kitchen design drawing?

What Cabinets on Demand does is supply flat pack cabinets and bench tops and we supply lots of them! Our on-line cabinetry shop is very popular because the cabinets are custom dimensioned to your sizes (not ours!), are very cost effective, use quality hardware and are Australian built, for Australians.

Our system is a web based computer automated interface entry system, which is really a big word for accepting orders over the web. It has been developed for people who want a cost effective solution for their joinery needs and are ready to place their order. They know what sizes they want and they want it in flat-pack form and they haven't over complicated their joinery requirements.

The average DIY'er shouldn't have any problems in successfully placing their order via our web site, as we have provided much information and data validation in our on-line store to help guide you, plus we have even built in some special 'prompts' for certain cabinets to aid you. Also, at certain stages of placing your order there are further prompts to ensure that you don't forget certain things or make fundamental errors. We have even recently developed the ability to 'store' your order on your computer (for up to 10 days), so you can carefully place your order when you like and check it the next day or so before sending it.

This has been of great benefit to our Customers and is proving to be very successful. Just a quick note however, whilst we offer a superior on-line flat pack service, we do not claim to be able to do everything for everybody in a flat pack form, as we know this simply will never work, however do aim to provide superior flat pack cabinets, in an enormous range, very quickly and very cost effective without the need for highly skilled and expensive staff to translate your designs into component manufacturing instructions.

That's why we set about developing a fully priced & ordering web site. We have tried to make our site as simple as we can, but with as much flexibility as you need to truly customise your job. It's not an easy job simplifying cabinet making, as it is becoming more complex every year. Our system has been set-up as a true on-line, one stop shop -with the cabinetry and pricing already there, so obtaining at quote is all at your fingertips, available to you 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We have even included delivery (freight) estimations to try and give you an all up cost.

By using the web site, you can not only do your own pricing and take-offs at your leisure, in the comfort of your own home, but you can also place your order when you are ready.

If you would like to get a quote and your kitchen does has some customised cabinetry requirements (that is not available on the web site as one of our standard products), then what you would need to do is select a cabinet that is as close as possible to what you need (in product type, height, width and depth) and then you would note your special requirements in the 'Special requests' section available. For example, such things as: 'Extend the bottom doors past the bottom shelf by 20mm' or 'this cabinet is an appliance cabinet with a roller door'. Tip: Point form works best. You will then need to submit the 'order' for us to customise an individual quote for you.

Every joinery product that we sell has this 'Special requests' box to help made our system truly unique and very customisable.

If the cabinetry requirements are quite detailed or complex or we are unsure of your needs, then we may require you to supply a detailed drawing of just that cabinet (and nothing else), but don't worry as we will let you know if we need a sketch of this or not, so at this stage just place your 'order' as you normally would and submit it for validation.

Once we receive your order (which is really a request for quotation at this stage) our computer system at this end validates your order and any 'Special requests' that you may have entered are flagged to our Production Manager to look at and check. All 'Special requests' are carefully looked at to see wether we can do it and what price (if any) is need to be added or deducted. We endeavour to get all of these customised quotes out to you just as fast as we can, but please bear in mind that this is still a labour intensive process and any 'live' accepted validated job always takes precedence over any free quotes, so whilst is some cases we can be lighting fast at one time in our response, we may not be on the next time -we will however attend to your quotation needs just as soon as we can.

Our first priority is to strive to obtain the minimal manufacturing lead times for all validated (accepted) orders.

We have purposely set up our unique system this way to reduce the manual labour costs and possible problems with double entry of data and thus we can then pass these savings on to you, our valued customer.

Our website is not intended to be a design centre, as there are already many dedicated Kitchen Designers out there who are only to willing to help with design questions. Please note: We can't do every possibly joinery requirement imaginable in a flat-pack form, nor are we designers who work through your design providing ideas and suggestions -that's what your local kitchen Designer or Architect is there for. We are rather, a one-stop-cabinetry shop that's open for when you are ready to place your order.


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