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Flat pack cabinets - Standard sizes - Price Lists

Last updated 29 August, 2019

Most suppliers of Flat pack Cabinetry state their prices in a range of "old" customary sizes based on the "System 32" they applied in pre-computer age, such as:

Base Height - 720mm
Depth (inc. Door) - 560-580mm
Width - in 100mm increments
Kickboards - 150mm

Wall Unit Heights: - 580, 630, 720 &1250mm
Wall Unit Depth - 350mm

Pantries - Height - 1935mm, Depth - 600mm
Benchtop - Width - 600mm, Thickness -33mm.

Following are representative samples of our Products and Pricing for Laminate finished cabinets stated for the "Industry standard" (old style) dimensions as offered by other Suppliers.

Just remember, we make these products to ANY SIZE at proportional prices. For other sizes and other Door/Drawer finishes, please use the product options
shown in the Left hand Column and enter your Dimensions, Finish and Shelving needs, then click on "Get Price" to get a better view of what we have to offer.

Also have a look at Cost Saving considerations when looking at various design options.

Base (Floor) cabinets:
>Some representative costs(GST inc.) for Customary ("Standard") H720mm D580mm sizes with One Adjustable Shelf included, in Standard melamine colours are:

Single Door : Height 720mm, Depth 580mm Double Door: Height 720mm, Depth 580mm
Door Finish 300mm 400mm 500mm 600mm 600mm 700mm 800mm 900mm 1000mm 1100mm 1200mm
Laminate  $100.10  $111.10  $116.60  $126.50  $144.10 $151.800 $160.60 $170.50 $177.10 $187.00 $194.70

Base (Floor) Drawers:

3xDrawer: Height 720mm, Depth 580mm

4xDrawer: Height 720mm, Depth 580mm  5xDrawer: 720mm,
D 580mm

Drawer Finish 500mm 600mm 700mm 800mm 900mm 500mm 600mm 700mm 800mm 900mm 800mm 900mm
Laminate  $305.80  $320.10  $332.20  $347.60  $361.90 $355.10  $369.60  $387.20  $404.80 $ 426.30  $431.20  $451.00


Base (Floor) Corner cabinets:

Bi-fold Door :  Depth 580mm

Door Finish 720x800^800x580mm 720x880^x880x580mm 900x880^880x580mm
Laminate  $326.70  $344.30  $365.20

Combo cabinets: (Drawer and Door):

Single Door/Drawer : Height 720mm, Depth 580mm Double Door & Double Drawer: Height 720mm, Depth 580mm
Door Finish 300mm 400mm 500mm 600mm 700mm 800mm 900mm 1000mm 1100mm 1200mm
Laminate  $159.50  $173.80  $185.90  $223.30   $286.00  $300.30  $327.80 339.90 $ 348.70  $364.10

(Upper)Wall cabinets:

Single Door : Height 720mm, Depth 350mm Double Door: Height 720mm, Depth 350mm
Door Finish 300mm 400mm 500mm 600mm 600mm 700mm 800mm 900mm 1000mm 1100mm 1200mm
Laminate  $94.600  $104.500  $113.30  $115.500  $137.50 $147.40 $154.00  $167.20 $172.70 $182.60  $193.60

Storage and Pantry cabinets with 5 Shelves included:

Single Door : Height 2150mm, Depth 600mm Double Door: Height 2150mm, Depth 600mm
Door Finish 300mm 400mm 500mm 600mm 600mm 700mm 800mm 900mm
Laminate  $240.900  $265.10 $290.40  $303.50  $339.90 $363.00  $389.40  $412.50

Corner Pantries: with 5 Shelves included

Bi-fold Door :  Depth 450 - 600mm
Door Finish 2150x700^700x450mm 2150x900^x900x600mm 2350x900^900x600mm
Laminate  $619.30  $789.80  $812.90

Walk-in (corner) Pantries with Five Shelves included:
1x Door :  Depth to 600mm
Door Finish 1935x900^900x600mm 2150x900^900x600mm 2350x900^900x600/strong>
Laminate  $500.50  $529.10  $548.90


Are you a "standard size" person - or do you want to personalise your cabinets to meet your special needs?
Are heights of modern Australians still the same as in previous generations?
Do "standard"widths fit into your space?
Does not increased size provide more usable storage space?
Are modern kitchens pantries or wall units not right- to-ceiling in height?

Cabinets-on-Demand cabinets are not restricted in size, they are custom made to meet YOUR needs.

Unlike most cabinetry suppliers that charge MORE to cut down the Width of a cabinet - we CHARGE LESS for a smaller unit - you get the saving in Material automatically.

Door(s), Drawer Fronts, Panels and Kickboards materials are finished in one of eight different Styles (and Price classes) viz :

Carcass material - Melamine covered HMR particle board
-Coloured Melamine finish on 16mm HMR board in eight standard colours;
GLOSS Laminate (Formica) - 1mm thick high gloss Melamine on 16mm HMR board in nine different colours;
Unfinished - 16mm MR-MDF board, edged and profiled, ready for DIY painting;
Vinyl Wrap - TEXTURE finish with a range of Colour/Profiling options called "Belmont" style;
Vinyl Wrap - GLOSS finish, with a range of Colour/Profiling options, called "Byron Bay" style;
Polyurethane 2-pk paint - TEXTURE
with a range of Colour/Profiles - called "Albany" style;
Polyurethane 2-pk paint - GLOSS
with a range of Colour/Profiles - called "Avoca style".

If you want to check pricing for comparison with other offerings such as from IKEA, Bunnnings, etc. etc. then it is recommended to select all - or a good representative sample -
cabinets that meet your needs from the main menu (see 'Select Products' icon - using the LAMINATE Style as a lowest cost.

The Shopping List that you thus develop will be listed under "Viewcart" - then apply Discounts and Delivery Cost to get a very close estimate of the lowest TOTAL Cost.

Then with just Two CLICKs of your Mouse on one of the Option Buttons on the Viewcart List change to the TOTAL Cost for the BELMONT-, BYRON BAY-, ALBANY-
or AVOCA-Style - thus easily giving you price alternatives to match with your budget. No other Kitchen Web site provides this type of service.

When a Product has been selected and you have stated different dimensions to the "standard" applicable to that Price Range then Cost reductions will be calculated and
the actual Price shown on the "Shopping Cart" will be less - in some cases - substantially less. Height and Width have a major effect as they affect also the cost of -
more expensive- doors and drawer fronts; depth reductions have a lesser effect.

Print the "Product - Comparison" Check list (see: Checklist) - to compare with what is obtainable elsewhere - then make your decision as to which firm best meets your needs.

Alternatively use the Price Lists attached below for a quick overview but please realise that these costs do not reflect the substantial discounts for smaller size cabinetry or the value discounts that apply to complete orders.

The made to measure cabinets in our Kit Form range price quotations include:GST, Cabinet Carcass made from 16mm HMR-PB, Door(s) or Drawer fronts, all assembly hardware, hinges, drawer runners and also adjustable plastic legs.

NOT included are: Handles, Kickboards, Fascias and Floor (Base) Cabinet Benchtops - these must be ordered separately.

Please note that within the Size-Price ranges listed below you can specify your own preferred HEIGHT, WIDTH and DEPTH measures for ALL of our Product ranges AND at no EXTRA cost - a truly unique service.
Colour and Profiling options are presented in STEP 5: COLOURS & Profiles .

Discounts apply to any order over $1200.00 (10% to Professional Trade customers, 5% to others).
Actual product ordering should be via our Web-site - it is easy, we have many built-in validation checks and you can take as many days to complete your Data entry as you like as the selections are stored on your own PC for up to 30 days.

NOTE: If you are mainly interested in the (low cost) Laminate/Melamine finish, then you may find real bargain basement pricing on our related Web site: particularly for small orders and/or unusual sizes.

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