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Height up to 2150mm
Height 2151 - 2350mm

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- Oven (Tall Tower)

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Wall Oven- microwave-cabinet-drawers  oven-tall-tower0001.JPG Wall Oven with Drawers, Microwave box and Cabinet -

Wall ovens are typically built with an additional one or two End/Side panels covering a combo of Oven surround - 2xDoor Cabinet - 2xFront Drawers - Microwave box (with colour matched End & Back Panels), and some variations on this scheme. Carcass is made from HMR 16mm PB. The Oven area itself does NOT have a back panel.

Additional colour matched End Panels may need to be Ordered to cover exterior sides open to view.
For further constuction details see  "General Construction page.
The system offers units in four Material Types in sixteen Styles in  two Height ranges, Width up to 600mm or 700mm and a Depth up to 600mm. The bottom 'shelf' can be machined for a ventilation opening.

NOTE: The Upper Cabinet (with two shelves if Cabinet Height  is above 700mm) and the (equal) Drawer Heights are calculated from your specifications for Unit Height, Oven Height and Distance from Base.

In the PROMPTS for each product the ""Oven Height" is the External height of the Oven itself - from very bottom to the very top (not the inside height); 
the "Height of Oven from Base" is the distance from the very bottom of the Oven cabinet to the very bottom of the Oven itself and the "Microwave Opening height is the clear opening space that the MW goes into.

The optional "Self-closing Silent Draw er System" will add $73.00 per drawer to the calculated cost price - for this option you must select the "Your Dimensions" input prompt box; or specify your need in the "Special Requests" prompt.

Select from the Height range - then select from the various model options.

Sub Categories
Height up to 2150mm
Height 2151 - 2350mm


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