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Direct Factory Outlet Budget Laminated kitchen cabinets in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth, Canberra, NSW, NT, WA, SA, VIC & QLD for custom sized, made to measure high quality kit sets - Flat pack kitchens, laundry, bathroom , cupboards, wardrobe inserts and general storage solutions - for cheap self assembly renovations by the Home Handyman installer.
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Surprise your partner by D.I.Y installing perfect custom made cabinetry.

flat pack wardrobe inserts Flat pack cabinet kitchen Cabinets-onLine(tm)

Satisfaction quaranteed with RISK-FREE ordering, easy assembly, low cost laminate kitchen, laundry, wardrobe and general storage cupboards in both Standard AND Made-to-measure (custom sized) flat pack cabinets.

With three outlets in Melbourne, and others in all States.

The Cabinets on-Demand on-Line network of discount Joinery and Kitchen manufacturers supply both standard and made to measure Laminate (Melamine) finished flat pack cabinets and are the ONLY suppliers with customised sizes for either Height, Width or Depth AND with on-line published pricing, at the lowest cost.

<==== For product Details, Pricing and optional customisation see the Left Hand Column

WHY USE US?.....Nine manufactoring outlets - allowing for easy "Pick-up" or low home delivery costs, high quality flat pack cabinets, see Construction for the Cabinetry construction methods that conform completely with Australian Standards as promulgated by the HIA, both for Standard sized cabinets and for the customised dimensions that you can specify.
Our Board Products meet the specification of Australian Environmental Labelling Association (AELA 28 Furniture and Fittings).Be wary of High Formaldehyde on imported products - see AELA Report 28

Only the best Australian Boards are used, with European Hardware (Hettich) and metal Sides Drawers -products are GUARANTEED for ten years and Money back for any product delivered that does not meet your specifications.

  • Find it difficult to get a Joiner make a single Custom sized cabinet? No worries: our distributors supply single cabinets as readily as complete flat pack kitchens. But to cover our Admin and Setup overheads we charge an extra (proportional) cost of $60 for Orders <$800 - for example $15 for an Order of around $600.

  • Are you hesitant about self-assembly? No worries, its Easy: using our INDIVIDUALLY Labelled and numbered components and detaileled CD-based Assembly Manual. If you can use a screwdriver then you should find not problem fitting the components into beatifull custom designed cabinets.

  • Easy Installation: as all cabinetry is of high quality sturdy construction to Australian Standards with adjustable shelving, hinges and adjustable legs ( floor based units) and 16mm thick back panels for easy screwing to the wall; flat pack cabinets fit exactly to your dimensions so there is no need for finicky fillers - five years guarantee on woodwork and ten years on hinges.

This is what some of our customers reported to Rod Tyson, our Production Manager:

Hi Rod,

Just a note to thank you.
The kits were perfect.
My brother and I assembled and installed the kitchen and laundry in a day and a half and they look great.
The thing that impressed us most were how easy it was to adjust the doors and drawers.

Richard Thompson


Dear Cabinets on-Demand,
We are very happy with our cabinets; by the way, they fit perfectly and were no trouble to assemble. My wife is thrilled with her new kitchen - the first brand new kitchen she has ever had... But all went together very smoothly and the result is just as good as we had hoped.
Thanks again,

R Dempsey Bunyan NSW

For more Customer experiences see: TESTIMONIALS

  • Have you considered other offerings, such as IKEA, Bunnings etc with Standard sizes? -
    Cabinets on-Demand on-Line distributors are Custom Sized AND Lower cost:
    due to a very efficient on-demand manufacturing system that uses your data (after expert validation) to drive our central computer that controls late model nested-CMC equipment at our manufacturing plants, producing precision components each time all the time, with low labour cost, no storage and efficient shipping from distributed manufactoring centres. Cabinets are priced at consistent costs depending on the exact cubic dimensions specified by you, unlike those of our nearest competitor.

  • But what size and colour ranges do you support? This flexible system provides the Largest Selection: either for standard kitchen, wardrobe-insert and general storage cabinetry, with a great variety of colours, or custom sizes in an virtually unlimited range, all at proportional pricing - Sizing (scaling) is just a simple operation in our (very sophisticated) computer driven system. Using our "standard" colours you have quaranteed lowest prices -BUT we can also supply any colour offered by the major Australian Board manufacturers and specified by you on-line.

  • But........?? Worry Free Browsing, Estimating, Window shopping Detailed estimates are calculated on-line IN COMPLETE PRIVACY on your own platform. Try the system at no risk. If you do submit your Shopping List then this is treated as Request for Quotation only, no money up-front is required, no commitment made. We check your requirements and confirm the estimates by phone or e-mail and only after your OK will we negotiate a small deposit prior to starting the manufacturing process - to deliver within two weeks of request.

To get started right now - in the Left hand Column under the "PRODUCT CATEGORIES" heading, select from a Product
Sub-category and then Click the "ADD to Cart" button to add a selected product to your itemised and fully priced Shopping List.
Its as easy as that.

For non-standard Heights, Width or Depth measurements use the "Your Dimensions" product specification options and a proportional price will be calculated and be shown on your "Shopping Cart-listing".

When completed, click on "Check Shopping List" Prompt to validate your details, follow the prompts for corrections and delivery cost estimation - and only then Submit your details as a "Request for Quotation". No money required up front - wait for a personal validation report from the Production Manager.

For other cabinet finishes such as: Vinyl Wrap and Polyurethane 2-pack Paint or CARCASS - only cabinetry
please click on:
Cabinetsondemand.com.au for custom sized flat pack cabinetry

This website offers Laminate finished Cabinetry only:

CUSTOM Kit form Laminate Finished CABINETS 100+ different cabinet types, fitted with Doors, Hinges, Adjustable Legs & assembly Hardware etc. - each in up to seven standard colours - hundreds of products with pre-determined prices or use the
"Your Dimensions" facility for On-Line pricing - a facility not equaled anywhere in Australia.

Laminate BENCHTOPS made to measure & professionally joined Laminated benchtops; for construction details see Bench Contruction.

WARDROBE INSERTS - select a set from our 48 Wardrobe Insert designs; for details see Wardrobes

PANELS-ONLY A very economical solution for the experienced Handyman who may just want basic cabinet materials cut into
Panels in specified sizes.

Use this System in complete privacy on your own Platform, no risk, no commitment, no Salesman will call.

How To Specify and Cost your requirements.

Select a standard cabinet from the Product Category list (see Left Hand Column) and just click the "Add to Cart" button.

If you need specific dimensions then enter these ON-LINE using the "Your Dimensions " option and overwrite the defauft values in the Prompt Boxes. (see example ).

Unlike other systems - here you can enter your data entry over a number of days while a comprehensive instantaneous validation system keeps you out of trouble.
It is easy to put in a trial Order and NO credit card or payment is required up-front.
Any Order size is accepted - but we do charge an variable Administration cost-  $60 for Orders <$100 diminishing to $0 for Orders > $800.

Order Validation and Payment

After receipt of your Request-for-Quotation (RFQ) we will verify the Dimensions and Financial details, set schedules, dates, notify you by email of issues and payment options.
Only after agreement is reached will any deposit be requested.
For further details see: Order Validation & Payments".


Shipment for Carcass-only and standard coloured Laminate finished cabinets is normally within 4 -5 days after receipt of your Deposit. Special colours may take another 8 days.



Both the Trade and DIY handyman installer product orders can be customised to exacting three-dimensional values. Our service team are prompt, professional and experienced and our on-line, custom sized flat pack cabinet ordering system is simple to use considering the range of choices you can make. All our standard cabinets are pre-priced, making total costing a breeze.

The Height in our ordering system is measured from top to bottom of the Cabinet and excludes the height of Feet or Kickboards - Bench tops are also excluded as these are optional items.
TheWidth is from exterior wall to wall and the Depth is from door to backwall and includes the thickness of the doors or drawer fronts.

The Software system scales the cabinet components from those simple parameters; other variables such as Drawer Heights, Wall Oven details etc. you can vary and specify in the "Special Requests" prompt-box.

In fact the variability is unmatched anywhere in this world and provides the lowest cost solution, particularly when if you enter in a preferred customer supply agreement.
Manufacturing facilities in Canberra - ACT serving the Sydney area, Kilsyth & Tullamarine for Melbourne, Warrnambool the VIC country areas, Goolwa SA serving the Adelaide area and Noosaville for SE Queensland will minimise transport costs - providing a fast, efficient delivery service for custom designed standard coloured melamine cabinets.

Delivery and Assembly Page DELIVERY shows a range of Delivery options e.g. Pickup ex factory, Local Delivery, Interstate Delivery. Currently we have five different manufacturing outlets spread around Australia to meet the most economical transport choices.
A Step-by-Step Installation Guide will be enclosed in your shipment . See flat pack cabinetry installation

For a listing of Comments from our Customers see Testimonials

Security and Privacy Our joinery Network will adhere to the best of breed standards with respect to Privacy and Security of
personal information. For details see: Privacy & Security



Service administration is a centralised function for order validation and client contact. Discrepancies n your RFQ details will be notified and corrected using e-mail or phone. After data validation YOUR specifications are automatically formatted for production processing and passed into the computer driven  manufacturing equipment in a Joinery closest to your location.

Cabinets-onLine is a sub-division of www.cabinetsondemand.com.au - the central hub for a self service made to measure on demand flat pack kitchen manufacturing network delivering kit form kitchens to DIY home improvment renovators and trade professionals - it is also a link in a range of family related companies and Websites , including a Kitchen Design and Renovation business and a Home Improvement kitchen handyman
Last updated 12 September, 2014